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How to Select the Best Window Blinds for your home?

How to Select the Best Window Blinds for your home?

With so many stores available in the market, selecting the right one seems difficult at times. Now, the question is from where you should buy Blinds in Menai? Is it from a specialty blind store or the local home stop centre? Windows are focal points in the room, with the blinds to be decorative and functional. People are placing window blinds at homes instead of curtains in homes or offices. Likewise, these blindsare so stylish, choosing your pattern can be a daunting task. It takes time to find a suitable blind for your window.

How to choose the right window blinds in Menai?

  1. Materials used in the blinds

While selecting the blinds, select preferable material. The blinds can be made of wood, vinyl, aluminium, etc. Further, different blind serve different purposes and benefits. Additionally, wood blinds available in Menai are very widely used because these are easily adjustable. And, the placing of the blinds depends on your choice. The list is endless when selecting blind materials. Go only for the best and quality ones.

  1. Purpose of using the blinds

Firstly, it is so important to know the reasons why you are using blinds. The reasons for using blinds are different for all. Some might need it for more privacy in the room. Besides, others might be using blindsonly for protecting the rooms from excessive heat. Each blind has a unique set of functions to perform, select which one suits your taste!

Things to consider before buying blinds

  1. Budget

Are you planning to use blinds in your entire home or is it just for a single room? The window blinds are prized by the size of the windows, so larger costs to bigger windows! Check your budget first and secondly, select the fabrics and patterns for the window blinds.

  1. Cleaning the blinds

You can use dust magnets for cleaning window blinds. Secondly, the textured fabrics are easy to maintain as it hides the soil better. But then comes the trickier cleaning part. You can use a light vacuum and also spot clean.

  1. The decoration styles

Is the decoration style casual or fun? Or is it comfortable and chic? You can use bold colours for adding in the fun element. Also, make use of subtle colours for decorating your room in an earthy and neutral way.

Types of shades you can use

  1. Tight weaves

These blinds Menai are used for partial privacy as they are opaque. Furthermore, these blinds work best for bedrooms and bathrooms, and also the guest room!

  1. Honeycomb

The honeycomb is patterned in horizontal rows of air pockets just like the bee’s honeycomb! These blinds work best to retain the heat during winters and keep the heat out during summers. The honeycomb pattern is an energy saver blind in the house.

  1. Blackout

Now, is there something to explain here? Blackouts come with room darkening fabric that blocks out 100% of the light in the room. Blackouts cost more than the conventional ones ideal mostly for bedrooms, media rooms, and the home theatres.

  1. Romantic shades

They are the wide and soft pleats raised using a cord. These romantic blinds look perfect for a family or the dining room. Add a touch of style and elegance to your otherwise simple room using the romantic shades.

How to measure the window blinds?

Knowing your window sizes will help you to measure and put the blind exactly where it should be. For all the inside mounted blinds, it will stop right at the frame. But for the outside mounted styles, the measuring includes the window frames also. If you are ordering the blinds online, ask a representative to take exact measurements of your window.

When you are choosing blinds, choose wider horizontal slats for the small rooms and apartments. Further, this creates the illusion of bigger windows in it. The slats range from 1 inch to 2 3/8 inches. The vertical blinds are for the wider windows.


Blinds in Menai comes in various shades to create different moods and textures. Select the right kind of window blind for your home if you want to make your home stand out from others!

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