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Topics to Discuss with Your Architect

Topics to Discuss with Your Architect

When you plan your dream home, workplace, or any property, the success of that plan mostly depends on the architect you hire. Your architect helps you execute your plan and turn dreams into reality. So, to make a successful deal, you need to have the best architects in India. Many real estate agencies can help you get through the best architects near you for house plans, property dealing, renovations. Radvi is one such company that has the best professionals with years of rich experience. Please read this article to know the various things that you need to discuss with your architect before starting the project.

List of Things to Discuss with Your Architect

When you are working on your dream project with Radvi, architects in India, you have so many questions for your architect. It is better to prepare a list beforehand. You should go to meet the architect prepared with these questions to help you completely understand what to expect from this partnership. We have stated here some of the things that you can discuss:

Work Process: Most architects follow a fixed process for all their projects. Although, the steps may vary depending on the project requirement. Some basic steps include consultation, initial design, design progress, documentation, bidding, and construction supervision. You should ask your architects about their work process and what are the steps that they will follow.

Design Philosophy: Design philosophy is something that we might ignore but it is necessary to discuss it with your architect. You may ask them about the vision that they will bring to your project. Are they focusing on sustainability, preservation, and budget? Let them know what is important for you and should they give it more preference. Like, your style, furnishings, trends, colour palettes.

Projects Handled by Them: You should ask them if they have previously handled projects that are similar to yours. The architect should be comfortable with the extent and complexity of the project you’re offering. The best architects in India are the ones who can manage any project of any size and complexity.

Team: You should know about their team and how many people are working with them. Sometimes architects have a big team, so you will need to clarify about the designers working on your project, and who will be your emergency contact person. These details will help you know whom you should call in case of any emergency or change in any plan.

Problems Related to Project: When you discuss your design and work plan, there may be some problems that the architects can foresee. Like there can be a limited budget, a difficult site, or other complications as well. If your architect is ready to deal with these complications, you will know that he or she is the one best suited for this project. To get the best architects near you for a house plan, you need to discuss such problems and know their reactions to them.

Estimated Time: You should know the timeline for individual steps like how much time is required for the design process, and how much for construction. You should be ensured that the architect is ready to devote themself to the project and complete it on time. There may be delays due to the contractor’s scheduling conflicts or your change of thoughts, but an estimated timeline will work in your favour.

References: Always ask the architects for references from the previous clients mainly for projects similar to yours. You can easily get to view similar work as yours that they’ve done on other projects. You can take advantage of that opportunity and call references to ask specific questions. Ask them about the budget, handling of the project, timeline, and every important aspect.

Plan Presentation: Nowadays architects present the plan on a computer screen in 3-D. Still, you should ask if they are on paper or technology. It doesn’t matter much as long as you are clear with their idea of creation.

Partnership: The best project will only be achieved if there is a strong partnership between you and your client. You both should know your responsibilities clearly. Be it designing, planning, styling, or executing knowing your part will be an advantage. Most architects in India maintain a good partnership with their clients that works positively for the project.

Budget: The most important key factor in every project is surely the money part. Ask them about their fee, how it is structured, and the things it comprises. You should always have a firm understanding of the architect’s fees and billing procedure. Ask them if the services will be prepaid or postpaid.

How Can You Help Your Architect to Achieve Desired Goals?

Once you have hired an architect, you can discuss the plan with them and help them out with some points for the success of the project. The best architects near you for house plans will require your assistance also to execute the plan and make it turn out as expected. Some points to remember:

Availability: Always available to review drawings, styles, and material suggestions

Decision Making: Be decisive and prompt. If you face any problem in making the right decision, let your architects know the issue. They may have strategies that can help you make the right move.

Ask Questions: Better understanding the design will help you both. Clear all your doubts before any work. Tell them if there’s an aspect that doesn’t suit your style.

Communication: Lastly, communication is the key. Being clear of your thoughts and letting them know will do wonders.

Best architects near me for house plans is a renowned real estate agency that can help you find the best architects in India. They provide all the services including property purchase consultancy, design, architects, renovations, and building. They have a team of experts who have years of experience and are well-known in their respective domains. Finding the best architects near you for house plans will solve a lot of problems for you. So, contact Radvi, and enjoy the best offers and deals.

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