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All you Need to Know About Replacement Windows

All you Need to Know About Replacement Windows

Any house that was built pre 1980 would likely incorporate softwood window frames and they have a very limited lifespan – even when you look after them with regular repainting. The insulation levels are almost non-existent, and your valuable energy is lost, which means big fuel bills, so it is no surprise that the majority of Australian homeowners are opting for UPVC double glazing.

What is Double Glazing?

Some people think the term ‘double glazing’ simply means one pane of glass on top of another, but there’s a lot more to it than that; there is a 20mm spacebar that runs around all four sides, and this cavity is hermetically sealed using argon gas, and this provides ultra-effective insulation, not allowing heat to be transferred. This hermetic seal results in zero condensation, which is another benefit.

Made to Measure

There are no off-the-shelf solutions with UPVC double glazing, and a quick Google search will help you find companies with UPVC windows for sale. Once you have made contact, a technician would pay you a home visit and take measurements, while also discussing with you the many design options. The units are actually measured twice; once when the company quotes for the project, then again by a qualified surveyor, who measures to the millimetre, ensuring that every unit fits like a glove.

Opening Styles

Regardless of the current style you have, replacing your windows allows you to change to something more suitable, such as:

  • Sash Type Windows
  • Sliding Units
  • Tilt & Turn
  • Traditional Side Opening

Plus, with UPVC, you have a wide range of colours; including a faux timber-grain finish, which is great for rustic properties. When you sit down with a double-glazing technician, you design your windows from scratch, and should you wish to remove a rear ground floor window and replace it with double sliding or bi-folding door, this is not an issue.

Home Security

You’ll be happy to learn that double-glazed windows are virtually impenetrable, and any would-be intruder would walk away from UPVC windows for that very reason. It is a nice feeling when you are thousands of miles away, on your annual break, and you know that your home is secure. There are so many properties with zero security measures in place, which are easy pickings for burglars, and they absolutely avoid homes with UPVC windows.

Online Solutions

The Internet allows us to do many things and with a quick Google search, you can make an appointment with a local UPVC window provider and they will be happy to help you design the ideal windows for a reasonable price.

Major Benefits

In conclusion, installing made-to-measure UPVC windows offers the homeowner the following;

  • Great Thermal & Sound Insulation
  • Huge Energy Savings
  • Home Security
  • Boost Property Value

Then there’s the added comfort that you experience with UPVC windows, as there are no more draughts in the home.

If you would like to replace your windows with units that will last a lifetime, talk to a local window company that specialises in UPVC and they would be happy to pay you a visit and help you design the ideal windows.

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