Email Sender Reputation – What is it?


The Internet service provider such as Gmail uses your Sender score, IP score, or email sender reputation to decide whether to send your emails to their users’ inbox or not.

To ensure that your email always reaches the inbox tab, you should avoid any mistake that might damage your sending IP address reputation. 

If your email is not getting delivered correctly, it’s an indication that you must improve your sender reputation.

Typically, email marketers optimize their emails to improve their email open rate and click rate and forget about the sender’s reputation.

How is email sender reputation assessed?

Using several programs, the Internet service provider monitors the behavior of every IP address delivering emails to their network.

These programs consider the below factors to assess the sender reputation;

  • Quality of the recipients that IP address is sending emails.
  • The trend followed in sending volume
  • Engagement level shown by the recipient
  • Quality of email content sent from that IP address

Here’s a tip for building a quality prospect list;

How to find someone’s email address to build a quality contact list?

You can use the email finder tools to locate the email address of the prospects.

For people who aren’t sure how to find someone’s email, tools such as are a great solution.

With its advanced technology, the search tool locates the correct email addresses of any professional on this planet.

To start with, you can go for the free plan, where you will be able to find up to ten email addresses every month.

Internet Service Providers Protects their Users

The ISPs want to give their users the best experience by showing only the relevant emails. 

Based on the email sender’s reputation, the ISPs will conclude which emails should reach the inbox and be sent to the junk folder.

Are you sure the spam filters paves the way for your emails?

Many email service providers incorporate spam filters to filter out emails that do not have a good email reputation.

If you have a good user engagement in the past, high open & click-through rates, low bounce rate, low spam complaints, then you can be sure of having a solid email reputation.

How can you measure your email sender reputation?

You can measure your email sender reputation by tracking your email metrics. 

If there is a steady decline in the open and engagement rates, it could be because of a poor email-sender reputation.

Is your email open rate less than 18%? Then it is a matter of concern.

What worse can happen?

When you have a poor email sender reputation, it can significantly impact your marketing efforts.

Think of your email sender reputation as your credit history, and it reveals your email’s past performance – how the engagement rate was, if the quality of content were good, etc.

In a while, it will affect your domain reputation as well.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article gave you better insights into determining factors for your email sender reputation, why it is essential, how it could be improved, and its impact on your email marketing strategy.

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