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Choose What Kind of Fire Rated Door You Need

Choose What Kind of Fire Rated Door You Need

When you are living in Singapore, then for sure, you will come across the need for the purchase of a fire rated door for your HDB home. These doors should be licensed for HDB installation. Without the required license permit, you cannot buy and install this type of door in Singapore.

Different kinds of Fire Rates doors

The modern buildings have different features and according to those features, the rules are there for installing the fire rated doors. If any mishap happens because of the wrong installation, then it becomes impossible to repair the damage. This is why choosing the right fire rated doors from the right companies come up.

The material happens to be a very important matter when it comes to the fire rated doors. 20 to 90 minutes is the maximum time that a fire rated door can withstand fire. This time is sufficient for the residents to take the necessary measures and escape from the scene. However, when it comes to the commercial sectors, then that time is not enough. You might need a longer time frame for escaper, as commercial buildings are typically larger.

Buying a 4 hours fire rated door should usually do the trick.When you are buying a fire rated door, you need to pay attention to the following matters:

Along the doorway, your HDB flat also has a route for fire escape.

The fire rated door should hold the fire for 30 minutes at least and a door closer has to be installed there. The HDB licensed contractor that you hire is there to issue to permit as well as install the door. It is the company that will apply for the permit on behalf of you.

So far, all facility owners, from residential to warehouses and offices, have tried to protect their entrances with fire doors. They have long been included in the number of mandatory means of protection and have been constantly improved and modernized during their existence.

Types of Fire Doors

Fire doors are of several different types. They are classified as follows:

Based on the materials used in the manufacture, for example:


These include doors made of aluminium and iron, as well as lined with zinc. Many are not aware of the fact that the metal can also be subjected to spontaneous combustion, so it must be carefully insulated with mineral wool. Particular attention should be paid to the door hinge, as in the event of a fire, the ease of opening the door is crucial for your escape.


Fibreglass itself is a fireproof material, which is further reinforced by metal fittings and covered with a refractory dye. The interior of the fibreglass doors is also insulated with a special material. These doors can hold fire for an hour.


There are different types of wood with heat resistant properties. But, despite its natural qualities, this tree is additionally impregnated with a fireproof solution, and also covered with a dye that promotes the improvement of these properties.

Covering the box

It seems to cover the wall from any side and is usually used on beautiful and expensive doors. The stands are installed both on the outside and on the inside to hide the unevenness or remnants of the mounting foam underneath.

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