Signs and Symptoms of a Bad AC Fan Motor

Signs and Symptoms of a Bad AC Fan Motor

Having a fan that’s working excellent is the desire of everybody. A good working fan makes anyone comfortable as it provides fresh air. However, you can be deprived of this comfort because of a bad AC fan motor. This will require a home AC repair. The following are the signs and symptoms of a bad AC fan motor.

The Fan Does Not Stop Running

If your fan does not stop even after switching off that is a direct sign that the AC motor is bad. The AC motor should react immediately when you switch the fun off. Malfunctioning of the thermostat is the cause of the problem. The best way to solve the problem is to replace the thermostat.

Nonetheless, thermostat malfunctioning is not the sole cause of the problem. There might be a problem with the stuck relay switch. Relays are responsible for the opening and closing of the electrical circuit. Therefore when the relay is stuck, the circuit is likely to remain closed. This will make the power continue circulating to the fan making the gun not to stop.

AC is On But The Fan Can’t Start

You can turn the AC on but the fan refuses to start. What should come to your mind is that the AC has a fault. When the fan is not circulating any air but the AC is still running, the evaporator coils will eventually freeze over. This can even lead to more serious damage. The AC should be turned off and then contact an HVAC technician.

The Fan Is Running Intermittently

This is not caused by one problem but two. When the motor overheats, it will cut out. Additionally, the motor winding can experience a short leading to the problem or even a loose wire.

The fan is Rotating Very Slowly

If a fan is in excellent condition it should not rotate slowly. So, when the fan is rotating slowly despite it being on there is a fault in the motor. When the blades are rotating slowly the fan will be very frustrating.

This is because the fan will not generate a strong airflow. If the fan is not designed for low speed, the issue can be solved by oiling the motor bearings. Also, remember to check the capacitor because the capacitor failure can also be the cause.

Buzzing Noise from a Condenser Unit

A buzzing noise can be caused by several factors and motor failure is one of them. Some debris or loose stones can enter the condenser unit causing the noise. Unbalanced fan blades also can cause the noise by striking the side of the housing unit of the fan.

If the fan does not have the mentioned issues and still there is some noise, then check the motor. The buzzing noise is a sign that the motor is already bad.

There are some ways that you can check if the AC fan motor is bad. When you doubt your fan is not in excellent condition, probably because of how it works do the following.

  • The thermostat should be on
  • Check if there is a tripped breaker
  • Check and examine outside fan
  • Try to kick start the fan blades
  • The fan blades should be cleared of obstructions
  • Examine the AC capacitor


The AC fan motor can make you have a very bad day. Try to always check your fan to see if it has any issues that can be hectic later. An AC fan motor fault can ruin your day and your plans. You can call an expert for repair or use home AC repair.

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