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Uncovering Nan Inc.’s Secret to Success

Uncovering Nan Inc.’s Secret to Success

Founded in Honolulu, Hawaii, Nan Inc. is a well-known name in the construction industry and it has developed a strong reputation for delivering professional and quality services. This is definitely worth noting because the company was established in 1990, which means that it has only been around for three decades. As compared to some of the other construction behemoths that exist, Nan Inc. is quite young to have managed to reach the pinnacle of success it is enjoying today. If you check out the track record of the company, you will discover that Nan Inc. has been granted a number of awards and certificates for doing a great job at completing various projects in and around Hawaii.

But, how has it managed to accomplish so much? This is all because of its founder, the man who singlehandedly formed the company and helped it grow. Nan Inc.’s owner is Nan Chul Shin, who was born in South Korea. It had been his dream to move to the United States and he was able to do so with his family. However, they had to struggle a lot initially and survived in a one-bedroom apartment. Nan Chul Shin changed his name to Patrick Shin upon his move to the US, as he wanted to be a part of the culture.

Today, Patrick Shin has become renowned all over Hawaii, as the founder of the state’s leading construction firm, and also for being a philanthropist. He had worked with his brother on his fishing business in New York, until luck smiled down upon him and he got a football scholarship to Bowling Green State University. He completed his majors in business administration and then shifted to Hawaii. There, he got a job as a laborer for a construction company, one he did for two years and that’s when the idea of launching his own construction company was born.

This resulted in the rather humble beginning of Nan Inc., as the company only had its founder and one employee when it started. However, due to the hard work and dedication of its owner, Nan Inc. was able to gradually earn the trust of the government and was assigned various projects. Similarly, it also attracted the attention of commercial companies and in the thirty years it has been around, the company has completed more than 3,000 projects and has managed to ensure 100% customer satisfaction in every single one of them.

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