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Increase The Resale Value Of Your Property By Installing Retaining Walls

Increase The Resale Value Of Your Property By Installing Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are structures that hold the slope of ditches from collapse. They are used to organize space on rough terrain, and a decorative element in the design of the garden. Retaining walls can also separate one functional area of ​​the garden from another.

By their purpose, retaining walls can be divided into reinforcing and decorative.

Reinforcing retaining walls – are designed to keep the soil mass from slipping and prevent leaching of the fertile layer from the surface.

Decorative – perform an architectural and artistic function and give the site an attractive aesthetic appearance.

The simplest type and at the same time spectacular type of retaining structure is a wall of natural stone, made by the dry masonry method. Such a construction does not require a foundation. However, there are restrictions on height. The structure is supported by its weight and a slight slope of the front of the wall.

During the construction of a retaining wall made of brick and facade stone, a shallow recessed strip foundation will be required. The materials used are laid on a cement-sand mortar. The presence of bends, curved lines and levels of different heights on such a wall gives it stability.

The retaining wall structure consists of three parts – the foundation, the body, and the drain. It should be observed that no matter the method used to build retaining walls, the main element present is the drainage system, when fitting blocks, drainage pipes, holes, and grooves are necessarily used to drain sedimentary water. Neglecting this condition will drastically reduce the service life of your retaining wall, which can collapse even with small but constant washing of it when watering.

A wood retaining wall is an option for those who are looking for speed and ease of installation, low price, and good appearance indicators. Often, only a narrow trench is required to install the wall, into which load-bearing posts are installed in the future.

In the future, they are covered with rubble, earth, and rammed. Behind the pillars, there will be boards 40-60 mm thick and a geotextile canvas. Since the wooden wall is vulnerable to fungus, mould, and bugs, you can not do without mandatory pre-treatment. At the same time, additional processing methods will also increase the durability of this retaining wall.

Retaining walls not only fulfil their intended purpose but also prevents the destruction of the slope and leaching of the fertile layer.

Place suitable for wood retaining walls :

A wooden retaining wall can be installed anywhere, and the main thing is that there is no dampness because, in damp places, there is rapid destruction of the wood.

  • Advantages of retaining walls made of wood
  • Low cost
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Environmental safety
  • Some of the best decorative properties

The retaining wall looks very harmonious (no matter the decorative material it is lined with) with lawn grass, visually organizing the slope space in a completely new aesthetically shaped look. Find the retaining walls service providers in Hills District to ensure you surrounding looks pleasing.

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