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Alternative Home Drinking Water Solutions

Alternative Home Drinking Water Solutions

There is no one type of drinking water. In fact, what makes water desirable to drink depends very much on the health goals of the person drinking it and/or the concerns they have with their existing source. And for anyone owning, renting, or letting property in the US, this is often a concern.  

Salt Lake City real estate brokerage City Home Collective note that water problems are something you should ensure are rectified in any home for sale or rent because it is a problem regardless of your involvement with the property. 

Water contamination is always an issue, and sometimes individuals require only the healthiest alternative water sources in their home. This is something strongly reflecting a general dissatisfaction with American municipal water supplies. You should bear this in mind. 

Moreover, depending on where you are situated in the country, your plumbing set up, or the quality of local water treatment services, you may be more seriously concerned about the quality of the water in a property. Sometimes, this can be such a serious issue that seeking alternative sources is all but essential. 

The Health Benefits 

The additional health benefits that can be derived from different water types can be multifarious. And one particularly important thing to understand is that they are often the direct result of good contaminants. 

Many people invest in alternative water sources or filtration systems precisely to get rid of contaminants, but for those actively looking to improve the nutrition profile of their water, good “contaminants” are often something which is actively sought out. For example, when you purchase mineral water, those additional minerals are themselves contaminants.

What Type of Water and Why?

Accordingly, it is best not to focus only on all the problems with municipal water sources; sometimes, you can actively seek better water even if there isn’t some serious problem to address. 

But what alternative water should you go for? Here follows some of the main candidates – install a supply of any of these at your property, for a definite value boost. Furthermore, this should also make for interesting reading if you’re concerned about the water that you actually drink. 

Hydrogen Water 

Hydrogen water can be purchased, or it can be made in the home with hydrogen water machines. This water is good for those seeking help with health problems such as inflammation, concentration, and even sleep issues. It is a water health product par excellence.

Distilled and Purified Water 

This is the one to go for if you want as little extra stuff as possible in your water. In the case of distilled water in particular, you can get very close to pure H2O. Such water is often great for cooking and cleaning, but it will naturally be a bit short on additional minerals. 

Mineral Water 

Mineral water often means the same thing as spring water. The additional minerals in such water come with additional health benefits, and they are pretty optimal for drinking water, if not for cooking or cleaning water. 

Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water 

The water you get from your tap might have already been through several forms of filtration at municipal water treatment plants. It will certainly have been carbon filtered. However, by also subjecting this water to reverse osmosis filtration, you can remove everything the carbon filtration missed. With this double filtered water, you can be pretty sure it is entirely safe to drink. 

You should focus on the negatives and how to fix water woes, but sometimes it is also wise to get a bit more positive and see what alternative waters actually offer – not only the problems they can fix.

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