Best Wi-Fi Routers & Extenders for a Home

Best Wi-Fi Routers & Extenders for a Home

The Internet is basically a quintessential in every household, for every individual in today’s present day. Why is that? Because we communicate with friends overseas over video calls facilitated by the internet, we upload assignments, take work calls from clients remotely, and operate our smart homes, stream videos online or play online gaming – everything that requires internet connectivity. You can say that our lives would somewhat come to a halt if there is a problem with internet connectivity. 

There are hundreds of Internet Service Providers across the United States, so you can only imagine the endless internet plans and bundles there are out there, supporting different bandwidths and speeds. Of course not everyone requires the same speed or bandwidth, it merely depends on the usage and requirement. For instance a student would subscribe to a completely different internet plan as opposed to his family back home. 

Other than finding the right internet package to support the household or individual’s usage, it is also equally important to have internet coverage within the premises otherwise it is just wasting money on an internet plan that is not even fully consumed. People install multiple routers or extenders in order to increase the Wi-Fi coverage and it does actually help. Here are some of the best Wi-Fi routers and extenders that we’ve rounded up for you.

  1. Linksys RE7000 Max-Stream™ AC1900+ Wi-Fi Extender

The Linksys AC1900+ extender retails for $99.99 and is best known for eliminating dead zones within a household. It allows for your devices to switch to the strongest Wi-Fi signal while you move about the premises – and works best when paired with the Max-Stream Router! It can extend the Wi-Fi range of your router by 2500 square feet. 

Featuring the latest Wireless-AS tech MU-MIMO, this router allows for the internet to be used simultaneously for let’s say streaming videos in 4K, for any online gaming session, browsing the web or pretty much for anything else, without the problem of buffering in anything.

  1. Google Nest Wi-Fi Router and Point

A smart router is the way to go in today’s era. The Nest Wi-Fi Router is a great device to install in your homes for seamless internet connectivity, especially for those that have multiple smart devices or smart homes. And when paired with the Nest Wi-Fi Point, the two are unbeatable – providing overage to a total area of 3800 square feet and can connect up to 200 devices simultaneously! Imagine being able to do anything you want without the internet speed slowing down or without facing any buffering issues.

Along with the brilliant feature of providing seamless connectivity with minimal to zero buffering issues, the Nest Wi-Fi Router and Point bring with them a lot of user friendly features as well. The Nest Point is essentially a Smart Speaker with a built in Google Assistant, but it also doubles as an extender for the Nest Wi-Fi Router. So as a smart speaker it is able to perform all the tasks that any general smart speaker would – controlling other smart devices around the premises, setting schedules for auto-control of these devices, as well as doing the basic of tasks like reading out emails and texts, and placing calls, along with so much more. 

Both device settings are accessible through the Google Home app, which allow users to set up the devices, and control factors like which devices can have access to the internet network, as well as setting restrictions in terms of access to specific content as well as managing time for individual devices too. This comes in handy when it comes down to parental controls – you’ve heard of parental controls on Smart TV’s and Cable networks but well, here’s something new for you! 

With the Nest Wi-Fi Router and Point, users get the best of not just a smart router, but a smart speaker as well. You can find the duo at, for $269.

  1. Google Wi-Fi Router 3 pack

While Google’s Nest series is quite impressive given that it features smart devices, the Google Wi-Fi Router with its pack of 3 is also just as good for a home, retailing for $199.99. With 3 points in the pack, and each covering an area of 1500 square feet, the 3 can together cover a total area of 4500 square feet! And the more additional points you add, the more coverage you can get. 

The Google Wi-Fi Router can eliminate any dead zones or corners within a home, meaning you can walk in from one room to the next, or the next level even without any buffering issues with your ongoing video call. This pack was essentially designed to handle multiple devices connected to it, all of which use the internet simultaneously.  Its Google Network Assist software also lets you prioritize devices to ensure there is no slowdown for instance during important office calls, or movie nights or online gaming marathons.

There is no question in adding an extender in several homes across the country. The living space is usually bigger, or there generally are multiple devices that require an internet connectivity at all times – could be anything. The above 3 are some of the best devices that you can possibly invest in. Internet providers do provide their own routers but they aren’t always as good when it comes to performance. Try replacing them with one of the above options and see the difference for yourself.

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