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Reddy Kancharla – Why Are Modular Construction Solutions Becoming Popular Among Civil Engineers? 

Reddy Kancharla – Why Are Modular Construction Solutions Becoming Popular Among Civil Engineers? 

Modular construction is the pre-engineering procedure of making individual components of a building’s structure known as ‘modules’ in off-site manufacturing facilities. When creating these modules, the factory workers normally use traditional building materials and follow the specific design stipulations. These workers even comply with the same stringent building codes that the local authorities impose to construct all buildings. Once the prefabricated modules are complete, the workers transport, assemble and erect them at the construction site to complete the building. In the process, they can finish the building’s construction in half the time compared to traditional construction processes. 

Reddy Kancharla is a well-known civil engineer and geotechnical consultant with almost 25 years of valuable experience under his belt. His areas of expertise are fields such as geotechnical consultancy, construction quality control, and civil construction. He even has a wealth of industry-based knowledge in many diverse areas. These include assessing structural failures, coming up with remedial designs, rectifying construction discrepancies, and complying with the construction quality control standards. He is even the brainchild behind many of the famous landmarks in America. These include the Goldman Sachs high-rise building, Yankee Stadium, the Bloomberg building, the terminals of JFK Airport, and the USTA National Tennis Center.

In the opinion of Reddy Kancharla, modular building solutions have become popular among civil engineers. Many of them are now opting to use these solutions for their building projects. This is because building properties using modular construction solutions is less time-consuming and costly in comparison to traditional construction methods. It becomes easier for them to plan the construction of homes, office complexes, schools, multiplexes, and hotels within specific time schedules. Moreover, the pre-fabrication of the modules takes place in indoor manufacturing facilities rather than construction sites. This ensures there are no delays in the production of modules due to bad weather and minimizes material wastage.

The inherent advantages of using modular construction solutions in building projects over traditional construction processes: 

  • Boosts efficiency by ensuring timely delivery of prefabricated modules to the building sites,
  • Enhances quality control in the manufacture of the modules by streamlining production lines,
  • Results in greater cost savings than on-site construction processes as the technology advances,
  • Helps to promote a greener planet through material re-cycling and generating less waste,
  • Minimizes workplace accidents by providing workers with a safer working environment,
  • Ensures the building modules are customized according to the engineers’ exact specifications, and
  • Reduces the timelines for completing specific building construction projects.

As pointed by Reddy Kancharla the modular construction solution is steadily changing the way civil engineers plan and complete building projects. They are now in a position to provide timely delivery of homes, office complexes, educational institutes, and hotels to their clients. In the process, they incur a fraction of the costs of conventional on-site construction processes. However, civil engineers should ensure the prefabricated modules abide by the stringent building construction standard codes when using modular construction solutions. Moreover, the transportation costs of moving the modules from the factories to the construction sites should be within reasonable limits.

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