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Why Sandstone Cladding can give a new look to your walls?

Why Sandstone Cladding can give a new look to your walls?

Sandstone is formed because of the deposits formed in the lakes, rivers or sea beds. The sandstone rock is made with minerals that are formed from the sand. When the rocks are weathered due to environmental conditions, they turn into small particles of sand. These particles turn into sandstone rock over a period of time due to the movement of water.

Sandstone Cladding is best for front faced walls as it has silica as the prime constituent in the sedimentary rock. Sandstone Cladding is comparatively stronger and more durable than its substitutes such as brick or concrete wall cladding.

Pros of Sandstone Cladding:

1.Aesthetic look

Sandstone Cladding gives your property an aesthetic look because of its natural formation and attractive finish. It can be used in a wide range of projects as it has various finish options to offer. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor application. The best part about using the natural stones instead of the artificial ones is that they aren’t uniform and give a unique look with each one of them.

2. Varied range to blend with the surroundings

As stones come in various shapes and sizes, they are undoubtedly the best option in terms of varied beauty. A wide range of stones with surface finishes, including stones such as Himalayan Natural, Himalayan Honed, Cebu, Teakwood and Nullabor Sandblast are available at Sandstone Cladding in Sydney. You can choose according to your preference and match it with the surrounding elements of your space.

3. Strength and Durability

Sandstone Cladding is highly durable and strong in nature. Natural stones have a high withstanding power even in the worst environmental conditions. Therefore it not only adds beauty to your place but also lasts for years.

4. Environmental Resistant

If the stone cladding is applied properly without leaving any gaps, it can easily hold moisture. It does not get damaged by the humidity or moisture in the climate. Also, it is fire and water-resistant so there are no reasons to worry about your wall even during the summers or rains.

5. Almost no maintenance

If you use natural stones, there is no need for maintenance for years. All you have to do is take care of the buildup formed in between the rocks. This can be neglected if it is installed properly without leaving any gaps between the rocks initially.

6. Worth the price

Even if the Natural stones are costlier than the artificial ones, they are worth the price you pay for them as they give you a natural look and also last you longer.

It is very important to install a solid base before doing stone wall cladding especially while using natural stone. If the footing is of poor quality, it may not give the best results. So it is advisable to get Sandstone Cladding done by a professional rather than doing it on your own.

Opting for Sandstone experts in Sydney will not only give your property a beautiful look but also make it last longer. It is surely a long term and worthy investment.

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