Why Every Beautiful Outdoor Area Needs A Fish Pond To Match

Why Every Beautiful Outdoor Area Needs A Fish Pond To Match

The majesty of nature doesn’t have to be reserved for the far-flung corners of the earth. With a little bit of ingenuity, you can bring some of that same nature into your home garden. One of the most wonderful and classical ways to do this with any outdoor area is by adding a fish pond. With a fish pond, you inject both a water feature as well as some vibrant life into your outdoor space. When considering landscaping ideas and looking for inspiring landscaping designs you really can’t go wrong with a fish pond. Here are some things to consider when making that addition.

Size – This is going to affect a lot of the choices you’re going to make when installing a pond. Once you have the area picked out you’ll need to make sure it’s deep enough. You’ll need at least 1.5 meters of depth and a ratio of approx. 260 millimetres per 4 litres of water.

Fish – Now that you know your fish to water ratio you’ll need to know some things about fish! Koi goldfish are very often the go-to choice in outdoor ponds, and for good reason. They tend to grow more in alignment with the size of the pond they are in. If you want them to grow close to their maximum size of 500 millimetres then you’ll need a bigger pond they’re no big deal either way.

Deep or Shallow – A deeper pond might seem like a good idea if you have space. More water means more fish and bigger fish. If you do go for a more shallow pond however you’ll have an easier time seeing and enjoying your fish. You’ll also find that certain types of ponds are better for certain types of plants. Classic favourites such as water lilies grow best in shallow ponds. The perfect combination of length and depth will depend on the area you have available but if you’ve got the space play around with different depth you can have the best of both worlds.

Lighting – One of the best reasons to add a pond to your outdoor space is the aesthetic value it brings. This can be enhanced and accentuated with the right lighting. Not only will strong lighting mean you can enjoy your pond at night but the lights reflecting off the water can spread the ponds aesthetic into every corner of your outdoor space.

Power – An important thing to consider when creating any kind of lighting set up is also going to be power. Power is also going to be important for a filter system for the pond. The key here is to plan ahead so that the cords can be discreetly tucked away.d

Landscaping – The pond should enhance the landscaping already in your outdoor space. Whether it’s a backyard garden or private courtyard it’s important that you consider the elements already in place. If you’re adding pond as part of a larger project then it’s going to be important that you consult with the professionals doing the landscaping around your pond. If at all possible, get the same landscaping company to do the work on the pond as well as the outdoor area.

Fish ponds make for a wonderful addition to any outdoor space. The fish themselves are only a small, but important part, of the equation. The real joy of having them comes from the life that the pond as a complete fixture brings into that space. From the landscaping around it to the plants that grow in it. The fish, bugs and birds that will call it home over the years can help bring anyone a little closer to nature.

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