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Sleep Tight With Lazybones Bedding

Sleep Tight With Lazybones Bedding

Looking for beautiful bedding to freshen up your bedroom? Try the feminine and whimsical offerings from Lazybones.

Our bedrooms should be a sanctuary where we can unwind, relax and find much needed rest. Unfortunately our bedrooms don’t always live up to these things. We tend to spend more time and money decorating the areas of our home that are seen by other people.

But taking time to decorate our bedrooms with beautiful items that make us feel great is worth it. By creating a beautiful and inviting space, we can help our bodies and minds relax, let go and feel refreshed.

The collection of bedding by Lazybones invites us to do just that. The fair trade, organic quilts, pillow cases and cushions suggest beauty and luxury belongs in the bedroom as much as any other part of the home.

Transform Your Bedroom with Lazybones Quilts, Pillows and Cushions

Lazybones is a fashion and homewares brand based in Byron Bay, New South Wales. Their products are defined by a fresh and whimsical style, with feminine prints, soft textures and careful details.

Lazybones bedding products have a unique and playful style while also providing reliable warmth so you can sleep well every night. Using organic materials such as Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton, these are pieces that feel soft to touch and delightful to sleep on.


The Sampler duvet cover by Lazybones is a work of art in itself featuring different styles of embroidery including darning, blackwork and cross stitch. The fabric is an organic unbleached cotton which provides a natural base for the intricate embroidery details.

Fair Trade Organic Bedding – Better For People & the Planet

Lazybones values practices that are kinder to earth and to the people who bring their products to life. All their bedding is manufactured in a fair trade certified factory in India.

They use organic and eco-friendly fabrics as much as possible, including Better Cotton Initiative cotton. In some products unbleached cotton is used which reduces the amount of water and dye used in the process.

Scraps, cut-offs and left over fabric is repurposed to create new products and reduce the amount of waste.

Since bedding touches our skin, Lazybones also cares about the impact of their products on the health of their customers. Organic fabrics are chosen as they are kinder to the skin. Additionally, many of their products are filled with Dacron, a non-allergenic material that is safe for people with allergies.


The popular Rosette collection of Lazybones bedding is the perfect way to add a relaxed and femine look to the bedroom. Each item features soft detailing and texture, making them perfect on their own or as a combination. Available in a range of attractive colours from tuscan pink to indigo, white and italian plum.

Styling Your Lazybones Bedding

The Lazybones quilts, pillows and cushions are the kind of items you can use on their own, pair with things you already own or mix and match with other Lazybones designs. Whether you want to have a decadent bedroom design, or something a little more understated, the Lazybones collection is perfect for both.

Here are some pro tips for styling your new Lazybones bedding:

  1. Layering. If you’re wondering how stylists make beds look so enticing, layering is the secret key! Aim for a casual, effortless look that has a good balance of colours, textures and shapes.
  1. Statement Cushions. Introduce texture and create layers by adding statement pillows and cushions. These can match your quilt cover or completely contrast for an eye-popping effect.
  1. Harmonise. If you’re intimidated by styling bedding, go with a monochrome look. Match the colours but play with texture to add a point of interest.
  1. Contrast. If you’re feeling a bit more playful try adding contrasting elements for a bold look. Think patterned sheets with a bright textured quilt cover or a purple duvet with a brown/orange throw rug.
  1. Let the Sheets Shine! Your quilt cover doesn’t have to take all the attention. If you have a set of sheets you love, try showing them off by folding your quilt over further down the bed. Play with colours and patterns that contrast or compliment the other items on your bed.


Safi is Lazybones’ vintage inspired sheets featuring a yellow flower and blue-green leaf pattern. A luxurious 300 thread count and pure organic cotton means these sheets are heaven to the touch. Pair with a minimalist quilt cover or make a statement by contrasting with the Rosette quilt in indigo.

Have you fallen in love with a Lazybones design? Embrace the whimsical, get styling and create a bedroom you feel great in!

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