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Raise The Roof – How Much Does It Cost To Lift My Ceiling

Raise The Roof - How Much Does It Cost To Lift My Ceiling

What Does it Cost to Increase Ceiling Height?

High ceilings create a sense of elegance, warmth, and openness. They can make any interior feel more inviting, allow for better air circulation, let more light in, and even improve the energy efficiency of your home or commercial space. It’s no wonder that properties with tall ceilings have a higher value and are particularly sought after.

Whether you are considering giving your residential or commercial space a style upgrade, deciding to lift the height of your ceilings can really enhance a space and improve your experience of it. Below, we discuss what to factor into your budget for a ceiling remodeling and what to consider before you begin your project.

What the Cost to Increase Ceiling Height Involves

Just as the structure of each building varies, so will the cost to raise each ceiling. There are a number of ways your contractor might approach raising your ceilings. They could first remove the roof, raise the walls, then build a new roof. Or perhaps they might suggest leaving the height of the building the same, but redesign and rebuild the trusses so that extra height is added internally (this will only work if you have an existing trussed roof). If the ceilings were originally higher but have been lowered, your contractor will simply reinstate the original design.

Your contractor will provide a quote that takes into account how much time, manual labour, preparation work, rendering, white set, plastering, painting, building materials, and which permits are needed for the project. The age of your building, size and design of the original ceiling, and any custom ceiling designs you are after will also affect the overall cost to increase ceiling height. If you are going to install additional windows to let more light in once the ceiling has been lifted, think of this as part of the cost to increase ceiling height so you can see all your potential expenses at a glance. It is best to speak to your ceiling and roofing contractors directly to find out exactly what they intend to do so you can budget more effectively for the ceiling cost.

Budget for Potential Expenses

There are many architectural or design elements within the ceiling itself that have to be factored into the cost to increase ceiling height. The lighting, plumbing, air vents, heating and cooling systems, cornices, overhead or upper cabinets, and decorative items will initially need to be removed then replaced or reinstalled.

If you have ceiling beams or rafters in place, ask your contractor if it is safe or appropriate to alter them. They will likely have a structural engineer on their team who will redesign the rafters to ensure that the walls remain secure. The new structure will depend on the roof’s pitch, span, and amount of support needed. They might suggest installing a double ridge beam and reinforcing the rafters to fortify your walls.

To budget appropriately, discuss with your ceiling contractor what the extent of their preparation work involves to find out whether you need to hire or budget for additional renovation services. Factor in potential setbacks which can include unfavourable weather conditions, incorrect materials, late arrival of materials due to shipping delays, or builders getting injured or sick. Prepare for unforeseen circumstances that might draw out the project and cost you your time.

How You Can Save Money When Raising a Ceiling

If the quote your contractor provides seems a little overwhelming, there are a number of ways you can help lower the cost to increase ceiling height. For instance, you might want to remove the ceiling, design elements, decorations, cornices, cabinets, electronics, and paint or plaster yourself. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to be ripping things from the walls and ceilings if you are going to reuse them. Approach any DIY task with research and the right materials so you don’t do any damage.

What to Do If Your Ceilings Have Cornices

You might get the idea to salvage your cornices and reuse them after the walls have been patched. While you could easily remove the cornices yourself, keep in mind that plaster coving can sometimes be quite thin, making it prone to cracking or folding in more than one direction. It might be a better idea to take this remodeling project as an opportunity to upgrade your cornice styles to complement the new available space created by a higher ceiling.

Remember to Insulate Your Ceilings

With the alterations made to your ceilings and roof, you want to insulate your ceilings. This is an important step you should not skip in order to avoid causing damage to the roof deck. Additionally, it will help regulate the temperature inside your building. Sustainability Victoria estimates that “effective ceiling insulation… against the summer heat and the winter cold [could save] you up to 20% on your heating and cooling energy costs”. Insulating your ceilings is a much easier and affordable task than insulating your roof, so factor this into the project budget.

Get it Right the First Time Around
While the budgeting and planning stage can feel overwhelming, discussing your ideas with an experienced ceiling contractor can give you more confidence with approaching the project. Planning and budgeting for the cost to increase ceiling height is essential – you don’t want to have to spend more time and money fixing a problem that could have been easily avoided, or arrive at the scene unprepared.

Get a quote from a local professional ceiling contractors Perth such as Heron Ceilings and start a conversation about your renovation goal. Hiring an experienced contractor means getting the job done to a high standard while making sure that the structural integrity of your residential or commercial building is not compromised.

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