Signs that your living room needs to be renovated

Signs that your living room needs to be renovated

Every home benefits from occasional upgrades and improvements even when at first glance everything seems perfectly optimized. Besides obvious wear and tear signs that show in time, the reasons for the renovation of your home could be the change of your style preferences, current interior design trends, or different personal needs. Even though some home improvements can be quite expensive, sometimes it’s necessary to invest in such a project. When signs that your living room needs to be renovated starting to show, the best is to address them on time. That way, you get to upgrade necessities at your own pace, before the inevitable need for replacement shows, costing you much more.

The furniture is no longer comfortable

Even though you love that cute sofa you bought years ago, someday you’ll notice it no longer matches your demands. Suddenly, sitting on it it’s not comfortable, or the colour is faded and unappealing. Those are only a few signs that your living room needs to be renovated and furniture upgraded. The living room is a resting area where comfort and style are two crucial elements to coordinate in order to have the most satisfying interior design in your home.

You’re lacking free space

If your home becomes too small at some point, it’s time to think of ways to make more room. Even though simple decluttering will make a great difference, there is a more efficient option to make your living room fully optimized. Instead of your old furniture and bulky items, try investing in multifunctional items that are space-saver. Every room no matter how big or small benefits from the extra square footage. Thus, replacing the bulky desk with a foldable console table, opting for a pull-out sofa instead of a simple one, or using furniture pieces with hidden storage space will turn your life around. These pieces will revolutionary optimize and modernize the space. In addition, once you try them out, you’ll never buy a dull single-duty piece of furniture in your life.

You’re not happy with your current layout

No matter how attached to your old chair or vintage coffee table, a little bit of change will do wonders for your home interior. The first time you moved in, everything was perfect. However, some things will start to bother you in time. Perhaps, a furniture piece you keep bumping into or some decor or upholstery started to annoy you… Either way, the time has come to fix it. For some of us, the idea of change seems unappealing at first. That’s completely normal because humans are creatures of habit.

Still, you owe it to yourself to at least tryout something new. Think of combinations for the new furniture layout and temporarily make a setting. Luckily, there are many affordable storage options where you can keep your furniture in case you change your mind. Simply carefully pack everything in order to avoid damaging it in any way and safely store it. You can access your items anytime if you don’t like your new project outcome. Alternatively, if the new layout works out, you can sell your stuff online and earn some extra cash.

The walls need repainting

Ideally, homeowners should repaint the interior walls every couple of years, keeping the room fresh and clean. Still, even though such a project is affordable, finding time to do it is often a problem. And before you know it, it’s been some years since your last wall painting. Walls tend to get dirty or fade in time, and that becomes noticeable. Not to mention the possible stains, mould in the corners (if the room isn’t aired often), or the fact you’re tired with your current wall colour and want to try out something new. When refreshing the living room walls, this time, consider using more quality paint and finish. That will buy you more time until the next wall painting and your room will get a more sophisticated look.

The floors are squeaky and worn off

Some of the most obvious signs that your living room needs to be renovated are shown on the floor surfaces. Hardwood floors require special maintenance, and if not polished and refreshed regularly, the superficial layers will damage in time. Floor replacement is a significant investment, but also it’s a great improvement that adds value to any home. Still, if your hardwood floor is in decent shape, thorough cleaning and wax polishing will do wonders. In case you have tile, marble, vinyl…or any other type of floor, explore the options of deep cleaning and refreshing them.

The same goes for carpets and rugs. Re-evaluate their look and function and clean or replace them. According to relocation experts from City Movers, many homeowners store their carpets in storage during the summer months and put them back in the living room in late autumn. A lovely choice of carpet colour, pattern, and texture gives spark to your interior design, but it also serves as an insulation trick, keeping your feet warm during the winter months.

You have some saved up money to invest

The end of the year is the time of holidays when we give others and receive different gifts and bonuses. If you’re lucky and your end up with a nice work bonus, or you simply have some extra cash at your disposal, you don’t have to wait for the signs that your living room needs to be renovated. Sometimes, taking steps in advance through maintenance and small upgrades will prevent further significant investments. For example, you can focus on small improvements, such as deep cleaning of the furniture and bringing some great lighting ideas to your interior design. On the other hand, you can refresh the existing decor by getting lovely wall art or another type of artwork for your living room. Use this perfect opportunity when having extra cash to do something for yourself by making your home more inviting and dreamy.

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