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Most Satisfying Interior Designs For Your Landed House

Most Satisfying Interior Designs For Your Landed House

The online interior designer is a professional who can help you transform and improve the environments in which you live. The interiors created by me follow the customer’s needs, in particular each interior reflects the person who lives there.

To do this, it is very important to know how to listen and understand what the customer wants. Or rather, knowing how to design the interior of a house does not only mean taking care of the architectural and design aspect, but also the psychological and philosophical aspect.

The Right Choices

The figure of the interior architect is different from a generic architect, and we’ll explain why. He is an interior space specialist, accustomed to working on a different scale from the building, the landscape or a newly built house, able to immediately grasp the distinctive specifics of a house.

His work is very extensive, despite belonging to a branch of architecture, and consists of the entire management of the design, controlling the execution of construction and craftsmanship works, making the apartment functional from the point of view of flows and paths , safe and possibly technological.

It must be able to work on the beauty of every inch of your home, first selecting the best distribution solutions, and then the covering materials, colors and lighting that best suit your needs, tailored to you and your home.

Individual living spaces are beautiful and exciting. At the same time, these individual characteristics are sometimes a challenge for interior design. There can be a staircase in the living room in particular. If you pay attention to some things, it will be less annoying.

Stairs Are Points Of Attraction

Do you also find stairs in some houses and apartments particularly beautiful or interesting? Stairs and stairs make people curious. You want to know where the path leads, what is above. And the more interesting this path is, the more curious you become.

  • So if you have a staircase in the center of the living room, then use this knowledge of curiosity.
  • Of course, it depends on how impressive the stairs in the living room are. Some of them simply discreetly lead upward along a wall and are open or covered by a railing. Others are open or spiral or angled or have other very noticeable characteristics.
  • It is important if you like the shape and design. Because whatever you like, you should emphasize and tone down everything else as much as possible.

Also consider whether this “glance” could offer an additional advantage. For example, is the room below usable or can the staircase become a useful divider?

Optimal Living Room Design

A living room with a staircase in the room is first of all very open and therefore uncomfortable. In Feng Shui it is said that energy flows down the stairs. In any case, the heat exchange is guaranteed higher than that of the other living rooms. But it’s up to you to decide whether the room will be comfortable or not.If the living room staircase is so unusual that you can’t think of anything ad hoc, just leave it as it is. Take the time to get an idea of ​​the room and get ready to rearrange your furniture after a while.

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