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5 Shed Organisation Ideas to Maximise Your space

5 Shed Organisation Ideas to Maximise Your space

Our shed spaces can quickly become overfilled or unorganised with people simply stuffing any random junk they find into every nook and cranny of the shed. Although residential sheds are often installed to help with our home organisation, they themselves need special attention to ensure you’re maximising the available space. 

  1. Hanging Tools 

If you’re looking at how to organise a shed, chances are you have an abundance of tools and equipment that need to be properly stored or hung in the shed. Utilising ceiling mounts or having a hanging rack to store rakes, shovels or other larger tools from is a useful tip to help free up space on the ground of your shed. If you have the room for it, you could also look at installing multiple tool racks to group together similar tools or pieces of equipment. 

  • Shelving 

Making sure you’re grouping similar items together will help with your organisation, and allow you to find items quicker each time you enter your shed. Having shelving is a helpful tip in those sheds where space is particularly limited. You can either install these shelves into the walls of the shed itself or have them free standing so you can rearrange whenever you please. 

  • Building a Benchtop 

As much as people use sheds as a storage space, they can also become useful workstations with the addition of a simple benchtop. Installing a benchtop can give you a suitable space to work and complete little household tasks or projects. You’ll also be able to store little items beneath the benchtop or have a hanging rack just above the bench to pop small tools on. 

  • Making use of Shed Doors 

When dealing with limited space inside your shed, you should never forget to take full advantage of the shed doors when organising the area. This is a space that many people often neglect, and can actually be a valuable storage space to hang racks or equipment on. Alternatively, you can also hang hooks or little baskets from the doors to store smaller items such as small gardening tools. 

  • Keep Your Shed Clean 

Being out sight and out of mind, our sheds can quickly see dirt and junk building up over time. It’s important for you to regularly clean your shed and correctly dispose of any unwanted or broken items from the area. You’ll need to make the decision on what’s really necessary to keep, and what’s crowding your space or taking up a valuable amount of room. The same applies to any outdated products or items that have become unnecessary. Taking the time to do this at regular intervals will help you to keep on top of organising your shed. 

Organising a shed is a never ending process, as you’re constantly finding or acquiring new items to put in there. Luckily, by following these 5 essential tips, you’ll have a solid organisational structure in place that can help you to make the most of your residential shed. Be on the lookout for solid shed builders in Perth as they can help set up the foundations for your ultimate shed. 

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