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What Surfaces Are Safe to Clean With High Pressure Washing?

What Surfaces Are Safe to Clean With High Pressure Washing?

Power washing the exterior of your house is as important as maintaining the indoors. Needless to say, professional cleaners providing high pressure cleaning services is a safe practice. However, you should be aware of all the exterior surfaces in your home that need cleaning. This is because high-pressure settings can sometimes damage the foundation of exterior surfaces.

Knowing which surfaces are safe for high-pressure washing is essential for homeowners looking to refresh their property’s appearance without causing harm. This blog explores surfaces suitable for high-pressure washing, offering tips to ensure a safe and effective cleaning process.

Safe Surfaces for High-Pressure Washing

1. Concrete Driveways and Walkways

Concrete surfaces are ideal for high-pressure washing. Over time, driveways and walkways build up oil stains, dirt, and other bacteria. High-pressure washing can restore these surfaces to their original condition, remove aggressive stains and prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

2. Brick and Stone Surfaces

Using high-pressure cleaning services to clean brick and stone surfaces is safe as well. These materials are durable and can handle the force of high-pressure water.

However, it’s crucial to check the condition of the cement. If the putty is loose or crumbling, high-pressure washing could cause further damage. For well-maintained brick and stone, high-pressure washing can effectively remove dirt, moss, and other debris, enhancing the material’s natural beauty.

3. Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is popular for many homes due to its durability and low maintenance. Professional cleaners use high pressure techniques for exterior cleaning of the house. It is a safe and efficient way to clean vinyl siding, removing dirt, algae, and mould that can pile up on the surface.

However, it is best to see if cleaners perform exterior house washing while keeping the pressure not too high, which could damage the siding or force water behind the panels.

4. Wooden Decks and Fences

Wooden surfaces like decks and fences are safe to clean with high-pressure washing. However, caution is necessary. Too much pressure can strip away paint or finish and can even splinter or damage the wood. Hiring a professional who uses a lower pressure setting and a wider spray nozzle to clean the wood will make the most of the cleaning.

Regular cleaning of wooden decks and fences with high-pressure washing can extend their life and maintain their appearance.

5. Aluminium and Metal Siding

High-pressure washing is suitable for cleaning aluminium and metal siding. These materials can withstand the force of the water, making them excellent for removing dirt and oxidation without damage. As with vinyl siding, it’s important to use an appropriate pressure setting to avoid denting the material or removing paint.

How to Prepare for High Pressure Washing?

Preparing your property for professional high-pressure cleaning is essential in ensuring that the process goes smoothly and without incident. Homeowners can protect their belongings, minimise the risk of damage, and make the job easier and more efficient before performing the exterior house washing.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you get your property ready:

 1. Clear the Area of Personal Belongings

Remove any movable items from the cleaning area, such as outdoor furniture, potted plants, grills, and decorative items. This protects your belongings from possible damage and provides the cleaners with unobstructed access to the surfaces that need cleaning.

2. Secure Windows and Doors

Ensure that you close all the windows and doors tightly to prevent water from entering your home. If you have any leaks or gaps, consider sealing them temporarily with waterproof tape or notify the cleaning team so they can adjust their cleaning method around these areas.

3. Protect Delicate Plants and Landscaping

Cover plants, flowers, and landscaping near the cleaning area with plastic sheeting to protect them from strong detergents or high-pressure water spray. You should also water them thoroughly before and after cleaning, as this can dilute any chemicals that come into contact with them.

4. Move Vehicles and Bicycles

Relocate cars, bicycles, and motorcycles away from the cleaning area. This prevents them from being splashed with water or detergents and gives cleaners more room to work.

5. Cover Electrical Fixtures

Protect outdoor electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, and other electrical parts with waterproof covers or plastic bags and secure them with tape. This precaution helps prevent water damage and ensures electrical safety during the exterior house washing.

6. Notify Your Neighbours

If the cleaning process might affect adjacent properties (for example, semi-detached homes or townhouses), inform your neighbours beforehand. This courtesy allows them to take necessary precautions to protect their property and belongings.

7. Identify and Communicate Problem Areas

Walk around your property and note any areas that may require special attention or are particularly fragile. Communicate these concerns to the cleaning team before they begin. This can include sites with peeling paint, damaged siding, or loose bricks.

8. Ensure Access to Water Supply

Professional high-pressure cleaning teams typically require access to your outdoor water supply. Ensure that the water is turned on and that hoses and faucets are easily accessible.

9. Secure Pets

If you have pets, ensure they are safely inside your home or in a secure area away from the cleaning zones. The noise and presence of strangers can be stressful for animals, and keeping them safe and calm is important.

10. Discuss the Cleaning Plan

Before the cleaning day, discuss the plan with the cleaning team. This includes confirming the areas to be cleaned, any special instructions for certain surfaces, and the process. Knowing the plan in advance can help you prepare more effectively.


High-pressure cleaning services are a versatile and effective method for cleaning various exterior surfaces of a house. With the right professional service, you can revitalise the appearance of your property and remove years of dirt and grime.

Remember that knowing which surfaces are safe for high-pressure washing and preparing the cleaning area is quite useful. Homeowners can enjoy the benefits of this powerful cleaning method without risking damage to their property. Whether tackling the job yourself or hiring professionals, the key is to approach each surface carefully, ensuring a clean and well-maintained home exterior.

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