Providing high quality roofing solutions to customers in Memphis

Providing high quality roofing solutions to customers in Memphis

Reputed and reliable roofing services in Memphis will first inspect the roof thoroughly and find out the exact cause. These roofing companies are in this business for more than 25 years and had successfully installed and repaired hundreds of roofs. Owners of homes and commercial buildings in Memphis see to it that they never hire unreliable and inexperienced roofing contractors who take away their money without fixing the problem. The team members of the roofing company conduct free inspection of the affected roof to determine the cause and magnitude of the damage. They prepare the free estimate and explain all aspects of the project to the customer. They ensure to complete the work as per the schedule. As part of their customer service, after the next heavy rain the team members will check the roof repaired or installed by them to ensure that the roof remains intact. If they come across with any issues, they fix the same immediately. They will again conduct a follow up after 6 months to confirm that nothing is wrong with the roofing system.

Decking and Underlayment

Roofers Memphis companies offer a variety of services to ensure protection of homes and commercial buildings. They are committed to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Highly skilled and dedicated workers and advanced equipments enable these companies to complete the project as scheduled with quality and perfection. These roofing contractors undertake roofing repairs, replacement and installation of new roofs. The qualified and experienced roofing technicians offer high-quality roofing solutions to customers. They believe that the best quality components and perfect installation of all those components are crucial to make their work perfect and produce longstanding results. When they replace existing roof, they inspect the decking first. Deckings are plywood boards that are used as framing of the roof under the shingles. They provide additional protection to the building by installing an underlayment. For all new roofs, they provide new underlayment over the decking. Decking and underlayment are the two basic components they provide for new roofing systems.

Energy efficient and safe roofing system

The best roofing companies in Memphis are very particular in making the roofs energy efficient. By way of installing energy efficient roofing systems they facilitate reduction of carbon footprint and also enable their customers to reduce their energy consumption. They insist for roofing components that are certified by the Cool Roof Rating Council as Energy Star compliant products. Apart from providing energy efficient roofs of high quality, these roofing companies assure safety and high quality workmanship also. They recruit professionally qualified and experienced technicians only to ensure the quality of the roofs. These companies are committed to provide roofs of exceptional quality to their customers. As part of their commitment to safety, they hire third party safety company to inspect the roofs installed by them.

Durable and cost-effective roofs

The professional Roofers Memphis companies offer shingle roofing as the easy roofing option for home owners. According to the architectural style of the home and the preferences of the house owner, they offer roof shingles of different styles and qualities. Roof shingles provided by these roofing companies are cost-effective and at the same time durable and many house owners prefer these shingles. By providing shingles they make the roof installation process easier and these high quality shingles last up to 30 years. While fixing leak problems in the roof, these roofing companies help their customers to identify the source of the leak and fix the same also. This will effectively prevent further damage of the roof.

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