Must Have Welding Tools for Amateurs

Must Have Welding Tools for Amateurs

Marshall Industrial is one of the best manufacturers of welding tools. Anyone interested in welding at home should seriously check them out.

Welding tools are important for safety and also for optimal results.  If you buy any welding gear, you should ensure you store it safely and cleanly.

The following are the tools every welding amateur should possess:

Welding Helmet

Anyone interested in welding must first get a welding helmet, more specifically an auto-darkening welding helmet. It is the single most important safety equipment for welding.

Auto-darkening helmets are better than helmets with dark shades because they allow you to clearly see your work. You can weld with more accuracy and less mishaps hence better-quality work.

Welding Hammer

Welding hammers are essential tools because they help welders’ chip off the slab coating to expose the weld. The difference between a welding hammer and a regular hammer is that the former has a spring handle for shock absorption. It also consists of a chisel and a pointed edge to remove debris from any surface.

For beginners, a smaller hammer is recommended as it offers better grip for more accuracy. You should try and get a carbon steel hammer which is strong and light.

Speed Square

The speed square is an important tool for beginners as it will help them learn how to make angles when cutting steel. You can never learn this skill early enough if you are a welder.

The speed square is very easy to use. It makes welding work faster and is an indispensable learning tool for an amateur.

Adjustable Wrench

It does not get more basic than an adjustable wrench as far as welding equipment is concerned. Welders have to handle metals of all sizes and shapes.

An adjustable wrench is a versatile tool that can be used to clamp on metals when welding and also to pry metals apart. Beginners need a wrench that can open at least six inches wide.

The longer the jaws on an adjustable wrench the better. It offers better grip and comfort.

Sheet Metal Gauge

The sheet metal gauge is a tool used to evaluate how thick a piece of metal is. It is very simple to use since all a welder has to do is slide the metal piece into the openings and it will give you a reading.

It is very difficult to gauge the size of metal using your eyes, especially if you are a beginner. Most welders will use a chart to know the setting they will use to weld a piece of metal which can be inaccurate.

A sheet metal gauge is accurate and handy.

Welding Gloves

Safety is paramount when welding. Unless you do not feel pain, wedding gloves are an accessory you cannot do without.

For beginners, thick welding gloves are the way to go. What you lose in dexterity, you gain in protection. Once you get better, you can try thinner gloves.

Unless you are constantly handling hot metal with them, welding gloves should last for a long time.

I have left many other tools like MIG pliers and metal brushes but with the above, you can start welding safely. You will also learn faster than if you did not have them.

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