5 Natural Backyard Landscaping Ideas to Feel Closer to Mother Earth


Are you looking for great ways to improve your backyard?

Not everyone wants an intricate patio with a pool and outdoor kitchen. Some of us want to instead connect with nature and keep our backyards as connected to nature as possible.

We want to see the animals and insects, take care of plants, and bask in our own outdoor oasis.

Does this sound like you? Not sure where to start? We’re here to inspire you with a few natural backyard landscaping ideas that can give you the secret garden look that you’ve always wanted.

Whether you’re working with a tight budget or you have the money to spend to transform your outdoor space, we have something for everyone. Keep reading to learn some of our favorite ideas for natural outdoor spaces.

1. Make a Bird Oasis

One of the best ways to get closer to nature in your garden is by creating an oasis for birds (and any other animals that might pop by for a drink or a dip).

There are a few ways to go about this and you’re free to mix and match.

The most affordable option is a birdbath or a series of birdbaths. We love putting birdbaths in clear sight from the window so we can watch our feathered friends enjoy them.

It’s fun to pair the standard ground birdbaths with hanging birdbaths, like the one from This gives your local birds options and takes advantage of more vertical space.

You can also install water features like fountains or small ponds. These are great for birds, but also great for local animals that want to stop by for a quick rest.

The only thing you need to be careful of with standing water in your backyard is mosquitos. Take care to keep them away and you’ll have an awesome oasis for the local bird population!.

2. Native Plants and Flowers Are the Best

We all love beautiful flowers, but did you know that not all flowers are good for your local environment? When we grow most flowers, we’re introducing alien species to our lawns. While this doesn’t have to be a bad thing when they’re confined to your garden, there are better options.

Instead, look into the local plants that are native to your area. There are plenty of wildflowers and grasses that grow everywhere. They’re just as beautiful as the non-native plants you were planning on.

Getting a variety pack and spreading it out will give you a colorful mish-mash of flowers. It may not look as neat and tidy as a manicured garden, but it will look wild and cool either way. And because these plants are native, they’re a great low-maintenance landscaping option.

3. Protect the Bees and Butterflies

Speaking of plants, make sure that you keep some plants in your garden that help support the bee and butterfly populations in your area.

Bees and butterflies are important parts of our ecosystem, and they’re on the decline. Monarch butterflies especially are losing their population at a worrying rate.

We need bees if we want to keep having plants (and we need plants if we want to keep surviving). They’re important pollinators and it’s our job to protect them.

While it’s crucial to have native plants in your garden, also consider adding some flowers that attract bees so they have a safe space to do their work.

If you have small children, or if someone in your home is allergic to bees, it may be a good idea to keep this part of your garden away from your door. Most bees aren’t aggressive, though, so they’re safe to observe so long as you don’t threaten them.

Bees don’t have to be scary. You can do your part to protect them in your own backyard!

4. Natural Pathways Blend In

So you still need to find some way to navigate your yard. While you could leave it grassy and untouched, that complicates things when you water your garden or tend to any decorations or water features. The grass will get crushed down over time and that’s not the look that you’re going for.

When you need a pathway in your yard, choose something that looks natural. You have some options.

While they don’t blend in, wood slats give off a whimsical vibe to any garden. You don’t have to put them too close together. It will look like an old path through the woods.

For a more natural look, we suggest large stepping stones (without designs) or gravel. These mark a clear path but blend into the natural landscape. They’re sturdy and easy to walk on, and affordable.

5. Leave Space for Vines

Remember how we mentioned vertical space? This is another great place for it.

Too many people try to get rid of vines in their gardens. While you should manage them to make sure they don’t cause damage, vines from native plants make a great addition to your backyard.

We suggest creating or buying a structure where they can grow and wind without interfering with anything else. Trellises are great for this purpose.

You can even make yourself a trellised pathway so people can walk through the winding vines into your garden.

Trellises are also good for creating a wisteria path if your local area supports wisteria. The pastel flowers give an enchanted fairytale look to your garden, like a natural decoration.

Which of These Natural Backyard Landscaping Ideas Is Right for Your Garden?

We love these natural backyard landscaping ideas for any garden. You don’t need a perfectly manicured lawn to have a beautiful space. Natural backyard landscaping is a great way to stay close to nature and have a yard that you’re proud of.

Prepare your backyard for the spring by using some of these ideas today!

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