Choose A Wonderful Timber Queen Bed Frame

Choose A Wonderful Timber Queen Bed Frame

The price of a wooden bed primarily depends on the type and quality of the material used. Elite oak and ash wood – strong and durable, resistant to external influences and has a noble appearance are the best materials. A timber queen bed frame will decorate the bedroom and will serve not only you, but also your children, and even grandchildren.

Cheaper species (beech, pine, alder, birch), when properly processed, are also beautiful, especially if the structure of the fibres and their unique pattern are emphasized. A budget option is solid wood furniture – when production is not made from solid wood, but from a layer of small parts fitted and glued together.

when choosing a timber queen bed frame, please take into account the characteristics of your home, the level of humidity and temperature differences, since wood, no matter how strong it is, will begin to deteriorate in an aggressive environment.

What should be the frame of the bed

This is the basis of its strength, especially if the furniture itself is large enough, and you have a lot of weight. Therefore, the reliability of the fastening of the connecting elements, as well as the type of bottom, is essential.

As a “substrate”, lamellas are usually used – elastic wooden (or plastic) planks, which can have a small orthopaedic effect. In the technical specifications of the bed, the maximum permissible load on the berth is usually indicated. If you have a small bedroom – pay attention to transforming models, which allow you to save the waste of valuable living space. Models with drawers or an integrated bedding box will also be convenient. The bottom of the bed, in this case, can be substantial.

Size and shape of a timber queen bed frame

Today, in addition to the furniture of standard sizes, many manufacturers also offer non-standard timber queen bed frame models, which can differ in either additional centimetres or shape (oval, circle, trapezoid, etc.). If necessary, you can even make a bed to order, which is especially convenient for very tall people or homeowners with a non-standard layout.

When buying a finished bed, you must remember that all the features of its size/shape should be considered when choosing a mattress. The most hassle-free option is considered when these products are manufactured by one manufacturer – in this case, you definitely will not have the problem of “extra centimetres”.

A timber queen bed frame bed can have additional elements that carry both applied and decorative functions:

  • The headboard closes from a cold wall, drafts and direct sunlight;
  • The foot can be made in the form of wedges, extending the bed itself;
  • High legs of furniture will help with regular cleaning or will allow you to place additional drawers under the bed bottom.

How to choose the colour of the bed from wood

Since the bedroom involves relaxation, the shades used in its interior are mostly soft, discreet, relaxing. Wooden beds are usually treated so that the colour only becomes a little more expressive, without going beyond the “naturalness”. How light the furniture will be is up to you.

Modern timber queen bed frame manufacturers often offer several options for painting the body of the bed at once.

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